One App.
Complete Wellness.

Each area of health and wellbeing is interconnected - and so is our app.

Save time juggling between apps and download AmaraHealth™ to achieve and sustain whole-body health.

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You choose.
We track.

Using the AmaraHealth™ app, you can track all areas of your health and wellbeing.

Sleep. Physical activity. Mood. Smoking. Alcohol. Drugs. Food. Water. Set specific goals and track as much or as little of your health data as you want to.

You can also connect to Apple Health and your wearables (Apple Watch and FitBit) - making tracking even easier.

At AmaraHealth™, we believe all areas of your health and wellbeing are interconnected. To build the most accurate and detailed picture of your whole-body wellness, we recommend using as many trackers as possible.

AmaraHealth™ Wellbeing Score

Unique insights.
Lasting motivation.

Get your unique wellbeing score. Analyse your results.

Assess and self-manage your whole-body wellness with personalised analytics and an AmaraHealth™ wellbeing score.

Your wellbeing score is a summary of your whole-body health. Accumulated by your data input, your score will be dependent on the data you decide to track.

Your score increases with positive actions and decreases with negative actions. For example, more physical activity is likely to boost your score whereas excessive alcohol intake will reduce it.

And if you're motivated by comparison, switch on our competition mode where you can benchmark yourself against others.


Purposeful content.
Real results.

Sustain whole-body health via specialist courses, videos and articles.

Our team of in-house experts produce original and evidence-based content that is updated frequently and available in many formats.

From videos to long and short-form articles, we provide all the content you need to create and maintain a life of health and happiness.

Our motivational nudge messaging provides consistent support to keep you motivated.

Our paid subscription users will have access to specialist courses, videos, and support.


Download AmaraHealth™ for whole-body wellness.

Download AmaraHealth on the App Store Download AmaraHealth on Google Play
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